Follow the simple guidelines below to make sure that you are ready for success.
The following rules are meant to protect your concepts, your privacy and contain the prerequisites needed to participate in our project reviewing system.


Legitimate Ownership is required

All submitted projects must be submitted by their owner(s), if this is a team effort, the team's leader or representative should be the one submitting.


Submitting requires legal age

Submitters must be of legal age in their countries of residence. Minor wishing to apply may do so through their guardian or adult representative of their choices.



By Submitting your project to NA BROTHERS, you hereby accept our rules, terms and conditions. By submitting you declare that there is no similar idea to your knowledge, should there be contact us with specifics and with the oldest dated acceptable proof of ownership.


Your ideas is yours

NA will not take shares in companies that are a result of a successful Projects directly.


It's just between us

NA will mention project internally for operational purpose but will not discuss it with third parties unless authorized to by the owner. If the project is already public or becomes public knowledge. This rule may not apply.


It's about you, not us

The work provided by NA is intended to be the purest possible. Outside influence will be considered, quantified, analyzed and stored. If said influence is thought to be hostile to one of our supported project, we will warn it's Owner or representative. Should the influence be of an illegal nature, our legal representative may reserve the right to report/file against the incident.


Limited number of projects at any given time

NA is a tight group of dedicated people. This dedication is only possible because NA manages load on it's team. You are encouraged to submit your project as soon as you are satisfied with your submission.



For convenience and time management purposes, we invite you to signal your interest via email. Should you want to meet with one of our Associates : Use or his personal email to set up an appointment or directly get the answer you are looking for.


Quid pro quo

Selected projects receiving help will be required to mention NA, display the company logo within company policies and provide an hyperlink linking back to a selected NA Corporate website. By accepting NA's help, you hereby accept to display the previously mentioned elements.


Business is an arena, not a daycare center

The success of each projects belongs to their respective owners, thus Rule#5. This also goes for any mishap or failure - thinking or communicating otherwise might be taken as cowardice and/or disinformation.