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• Send us your resume in english.

• If you have any language proficiency certificate please send it along.

• High mobility worldwide may be required : Inform us of your mobility rate.

• Your application should tell us why you would make a good asset.

• Your application may be reviewed and checked.




You will be responsible for developing and delivering an innovative programme strategy and delivering target marketing campaigns to boost effectiveness. Furthermore, you will use your skills and expertise to develop an manage communication channels and relationships with key partners and stakeholders in order to promote the programme and maximize engagement. You will also engage with volunteers and manage relationships with agencies.

• Research project contextuals prerequisistes.
• Advice on operational questions and continuously survey local and global opportunities.
• Connect with field experts, industry leaders and assigned officials.
• Explore Network opportunities and scout relevant talents.
• Press Relations : Interface with media outlets, advertisement agencies to analyze clients’ approach and provide feedback.
• Publication : Review and report on expert and reference publication to monitor activity in assigned fields.
• Reporting on key metrics allowing global team to co-asses and guide ongoing projects.


• Education level : Master’s degree in Economics, Mathematics, Sales, management or engineering.
• Strong computer proficiency.
• Strong client facing easiness.
• English critical, french as well as a third asian dialect greatly favored.
• Iron will and international mobility required.


• Full time job.
• Starts on April 2015.