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By the People, for The People

NA is all about the people, talented and devoted entrepreneurs who create and develop successes. Since 2011, we have supported 6 companies, 26 entrepreneurs working with 10 active members.

NA is your one partner to boost project, from outsourced experts to delivering the service you need.
We are capable of hacking challenges slowing down your product management. We also provide help for those taking ideas from the ground by reviewing, selecting and allocating specific resources we consider relevant to the challenge at hand.

We started as a Duo

NA was born out of an idea that came from a simple observation that the world recognized those who acted upon nature, others and themselves.

Our target was simple, create a company which at it's core aimed on making the very concept of work, better. We mainly took small contracts for a time to fund bigger future ventures and made the lives of all our clients a little simpler and easier.

We needed to expand
as an organization

We acquired project management capabilities, technological expertise, expanded on our content creation capacity and set our sights on Asia.

Beyond valuing skills, we looked for veterans of their respective fields for a relatively young age compared to their peers. Our team grew into an organic group of professionals taking pride in their successes and left only more enthusiastic when facing the toughest challenges.

Eager to push limits

Having acquired the funds and talents to perform at a higher level, we started offering our clients consulting on how to start on their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

We soon expanded on this idea with some business intelligence options. This opened the African continent for us, with our involvement with major fashion leaders and notable infrastructural competitors in this regional market.


Came the time for us to get involved in bigger organizations and impact the quality of life and value generated by third parties.

We created the concept of digitized ad-hoc services, building, testing and putting into production process driven business acceleration. PROTOCOL Series by NA allows companies to have the flexibility of small organizations and small ones to profit from perks often only accessible to groups and multinationals.


services at your success

NA can offer a complete array of services designed to start your company or a new internal service.

Already operating structures can benefit from consulting on optimization and cut down on process time or market access fees.

• Provide market access
• Workplace optimisation through automation
• PROTOCOL Series custom services
• Business start services for individuals


A DNA built around you

It is through generosity in our work and to stay true to our ethics that, we believe we can create success.

People come to us, bringing us the hopes for a new brand, product, a successful fundrasing campaign or to get a fresh look on their ongoing businesses.
We are honoured to get such an important role and thankful for the trust placed in us.

We ensure that your interests are not taking backseat because of some unknown and unseen problems. Every step, we're here nurturing the project and making sure the causality behind each decision is clear for all parties.


Come and make a tiny bit of history, come to NA.

So, are you ready to make history with us ?
Because we are ready to make history with you.


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